Optimal Fresh - The fruit, vegetable and fresh produce expert system  

The Sydney Postharvest Laboratory and Food Science Australia, together with CSIRO Publishing, has developed a very comprehensive database and expert system:

Sample Pages

Brief Report (Basic recommendations)
Detailed Report (Summary of all available information)
Reference Report (All information on the database for a crop together with references used)
Features Include:
1.   Instant facts at your desktop on storage and postharvest life parameters of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, foliage, mushrooms and nuts taken from over 250 references.
2.   Comprehensive cross referencing of crops, with accurate alternate names, small picture, botanical names and families - over 1,000 crop(/cultivar) combinations (over 1,500 combinations including maturities).
3.    Common  names of the crop/ produce in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) and two alphabets, Roman and Japanese Katakana.
4.    Information can be obtained for different maturities or produce condition and cultivars as well as by crop.  This  means that the data is more accurate and reliable than data simply given by crop.  In a considerable number of crops different conditions are required for different cultivars and different maturities or produce conditions.
5.    Simplified recommendation sheet of carriage conditions that can form part of paperwork accompanying a shipment.  This will minimise loses due to transport at incorrect temperatures.  (If required your company can be acknowledged on this recommendation sheet)
6.    Full summary report giving a summary of the best values for all reported conditions of a crop/cultivar/maturity combination
7.    Reference report giving all relevant recommendations and the references from which this information is taken
8.    Useful for fruit and veg. transport (road, rail, sea and air), storage and export/import industries; also wholesalers retailers, companies or organisations handling large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables; also universities, researchers, refrigeration engineers etc.
9.    There will be regular updates of new crops and cultivars, together with latest data.
10.    Data given in the Brief Report includes -
crop, cultivar, maturity, picture, alternate names (in various languages), botanical name, usage, recommended storage temperature, recommended container set points for both delivery and return air controllers, acceptable loading temperatures, freezing point, recommended relative humidity, fresh air exchange requirements with settings for 40 and 20 ft containers (in cfm and m3/h), storage times at optimal temperatures and also at ambient temperatures, temperature and humidity compatibility groups.  Also major crops that are incompatible in mixed storage (based on chilling, ethylene and odour sensitivity)
11.    Data given in the Detailed Report includes - 
 The information in the Brief Report and also - full botanical name, botanical family, plant part, information about breeding, ethylene production, ethylene sensitivity, specific heat, % water content, compatibility with ice, producer of odour affecting other crops, rate of water loss,  sensitivity to odour produced by other crops, bruise susceptibility, benefits of controlled atmosphere, recommended controlled atmospheres (oxygen, carbon dioxide and temperature), respiration rates (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 C), seasonal availability, lists of crops producing significant ethylene, lists of crops significantly sensitive to ethylene.
12.    Data in the Reference Report includes - 
 Information in the Detailed Report and also - botanical class and order, every reported name for each language,  references for each and every data item, detailed conditions and conversion factors used in the production of the recommendations and compatibilities in the reports.
 Sample Pages

Important Note - Viewing all the following reports requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader Version 4 or later to be installed.  

Brief Reports  (Basic recommendations and paperwork for export shipments).

Detailed Output   (Summary of all available information for a crop/cultivar for
                                        commercial/ research use)

Reference Report  (All information on the database together with all references used)


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