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This book by Brian Patterson is a fascinating and very readable source of information about fresh foods, plants.  It gives extensive background and answers a very wide range of questions such as -


  • Why don't strawberries taste as good as they look?
  • How have plants influenced siege warfare?
  • How can a bowl of fruit harm your houseplants?
  • What determines flavours and tastes?
  • Why are most seeds poisonous but most ripe fruits not?
  • Can genetic engineering be good for you?
  • This book can help you to buy better food, eat a more interesting and varied diet, and produce safer and more innovative results in the kitchen.

    Fresh! makes fascinating reading.  It will be of interest to students of all ages looking for an introduction to the history and future of plant foods, non-scientists who are concerned where technology is taking them, and to anybody involved in the production, distribution or selling of plant foods. "

    (ISBN 1-86448-735-6, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1998)
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