Additional Information About Postharvest Fresh

Postharvest Fresh is an independent laboratory providing advice and research for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry and associated support services both in Australia and overseas.

Our areas of expertise include - crop physiology; storage, handling and packaging; and product quality

Postharvest Fresh has its origins in a thirty year tradition of international excellence in horticultural postharvest and plant physiology research. This tradition was initiated by CSIRO Food Research in collaboration with NSW Department of Agriculture and universities.  We have collaborative projects with the Faculty of Agriculure and Environment at Sydney University and CSIRO Food Science Australia, and have access to a wide range of sophisticated storage and analytical equipment which allows us to undertake innovative and important research projects.

Projects underway or recently completed include   

  • developing storage database 
  • packaging development
  • odour proof packaging for durians 
  • developing export systems 
  • minimal processing 
  • extending storage life 
  • physiology of senescence 
  • improved harvest and handling systems
  • providing expert witness testimony 
  • refrigerated container design and analysis 
  • postharvest disease control 
  • use of essential oils to control postharvest pathogens
  • postharvest disinfestation 
  • developing sanitising technology
  • advice regarding cargo loss
  • postharvest training in Australia and Vietnam

Technologies Developed
Technologies available, or shortly to be available, for commercialisation include a storage and transport database for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, odour proof packaging for durians and a new technology for microwave cooking of potatoes.

Current Clients
Current clients include  

-  other research providers (CSIRO, State 
    Departments of Ag., Universities etc.) 
-   a large number of horticultural producers, 
    both small and large 
-   leading legal and insurance companies 
-   horticultural exporters, importers and retailers
-   Australian Department of Foreign 
    Affairs  &   Trade 
-   agricultural chemical companies 
-   transport companies 
-   support industries to the horticultural sector 
-   packaging companies 
-   cargo surveyors and assessors 

Assistance With Funding
Many products and projects of interest to companies require specialist assistance in evaluation and research and development - this can be provided by the Postharvest Fresh.  Assistance with funding can be arranged through the available funding sources that finance horticultural research and development projects.


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