Recommended Chestnut Storage and Handling Protocols

Stephen Morris

(based on  Sydney Postharvest Laboratory (SPL) research and other research and industry experience)


Harvesting and Handling

 Postharvest Dipping

Other postharvest disease control measures that have been reported as effective, but not tested on Australian chestnuts are

During the dipping process remove any floating chestnuts, as these may have rots or be immature2, 4, 10.

 Slight Water Loss before Storage

When freshly harvested, chestnuts contain a slightly higher water content than optimal for long-term storage, therefore some drying out of nuts before storage is widely recommended1, 9, 10, 11,16, 19, 22. 

These two measures should result in the loss of a few % moisture content (about 1-4% of total weight) and will greatly assist with final quality of stored chestnuts


CALM Module V7

CALM in Coolroom

Providing the above protocols are followed, then storage of premium quality chestnuts with virtually no external rots, extremely little weight loss and no sprouting for 10 months or longer is possible. 

(It should be noted that while high carbon dioxide storage atmospheres will give significant control of internal rots (such as Phomopsis), control is not as effective as for external moulds)

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