Seasonal Availability of Fresh Produce in Australia

Australia produces a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.  The seasonal market information shows that Australia is able to produce many crops year round. Horticulture is Australia's second largest rural industry after the meat industry.  Australia consumes most of its horticultural produce locally, estimates suggest about 85% of production. The remainder is exported. The major export commodity is oranges with nuts, carrots, onions and broccoli also being exported in significant volumes. The availability and peak production times for a range of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers are listed in the following tables. Sydney Postharvest Laboratory is able to help co-ordinate growers, wholesalers and exporters of fresh produce.
Seasonsal Availability

Fruit Flowers Vegetables
Fruit A - K Flowers A - H Vegetables A - H  
Fruit L - Z Flowers I - P  Vegetable I - P  

Flowers Q - Z  Vegetable Q - Z  

Australia has a reputation for producing "clean, green" fresh produce. This reputation will be on of the major driving forces for expanding our export markets.  There are opportunites during peak production times to export surplus quality produce.  During peak times the prices on the domestic market are lower and the volumes higher.

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