Comprehensive Listing of Alternate and Botanical Names for Horticultural Crops

This list is extracted from - Optimal Fresh - The Fruit & Vegetable Storage Expert System   

Crop Names and Alternate Names

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The information can be searched by going to the page with the known crop name and then searching for that name using the 'Find' feature (in the Edit submenu) for both the Netscape and Microsoft browsers.

The alternate names are mainly taken from English language names and often include the name in the language of origin.  The common name for a crop associated the botanical name is not necessarily the most common one used since usage can vary around the world.  Where information is listed for many cultivars for a crop this extra information is on a more detailed page for that crop.

The primary source for botanical names was the USDA-ARS GRIN database (Germplasm Resources Information Network).  Alternate common names and some botanical names were obtained from a wide variety other sources.  This list is limited to crops for which at least some information about postharvest storage condition is available.

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